Hello, my name is Dan Woodring - I am the guy behind Woodrings GSP Kennels. For many years now I have been a “dog man.” I like working with dogs, training them, hunting them, breeding them, and I used to be active in field trials. My earliest memories of childhood include dogs. My grandfather and my father always had beagles as rabbit hunting was a sport they really enjoyed. A number of years ago I found myself with my own “pack” - a wife, three boys, and several beagles of my own. In 2000 I had really gotten involved in the beagle scene and was field trialing my dogs. I had quite a bit of fun and even managed to win a few trials. Around 2003 a friend of mine who was a bird dog owner and trialer put me in ownership of my first bird dog - an English Pointer named Ace. Ace was a great bird dog and came to me with quite a bit of training already accomplished. Ace had been trained for field trialing and ranged out much farther than I liked. I worked at making him a closer working dog but eventually realized that he liked the distance - as a result, when we hunted, either he was miserable because I was always reigning him in or I was miserable because I was always reigning him in.

As providence would have it, in 2005 I made a career change and moved from Northwest Pennsylvania back to Central Pennsylvania where I had grown up. I had to move my family and household and it seemed to be a good time for Ace to find a new home too - so I gave him to some friends who were field trialers - I am sure Ace now thinks he is in heaven. While Ace was not a good fit for me and my hunting style He did give me a passion for bird dogs and upland hunting.

My Family and I arrived at our new home in 2006 and I started my new job. That fall I made up my mind that I was going to have another bird dog (by now beagles were a thing of the past for me) and after doing my homework I ended up with a great little female German Shorthair Pointer who we named Greta. Our whole family fell in love with her and she has turned out to be a dynamite hunter and the matriarch of my kennel. The rest as they say is history. I have spent a lot of time getting to know GSP’s - their history, breeding, health, psychology, behavior, etc. and I started my kennel out of my love for them and a desire to see others enjoy the sport of upland bird hunting.

I enjoy hunting all kinds of birds but have really become enamored with grouse hunting because of the challenges it presents. I love hunting with my family and friends and also guiding hunts for people. I enjoy seeing people hunt over bird dogs for the first time and seeing the expressions on their faces when they see the dog point.

WOODRINGS GSP KENNELS is a “family Thing”. Everyone in the family plays a vital role in who we are. My wife and boys are indispensable to the operation. They help keep the kennels clean, they help me give the dogs and pups their shots, they help me train the dogs and socialize the pups - I think they are the best team a guy could have.

So there you have it - a little bit about me (us). If you would like to know more, specifically my philosophy about dogs and hunting, be sure to visit Our Philosophy page.

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